"LUCUS is temporary community that is to enrich those who participate"


22 - 23 - 24 JULY 2022

The "Lucus" is a sacred grove, Latin citizens distinguished it from the silva, a natural forest, and a nemus, an arboretum that is not consacrated. Some ancient sources as well as modern etymologists derive the word «from a letting in of light» (a lucendo); that is, the lucus was the clearing encompassed by trees.

In all probability cases the word Lucus sit at the origins of the term Lucania, Latin primordial name of BASILICATA Region: Land of Woods, Land of Wolves and Land of Light, the sacred light permeating thick forest spaces perched on majestic mountains.

LUCUS FEST 2022 is 3 days of avant-garde music, art exhibitions, performances and fire shows, workshops, labs, flea, street and handicraft markets, culture, brotherhood, love, sharing, food, tradition and innovation with Italian and International Djs, artists and performers.

LUCUS promotes permaculture, sustainability, self-awareness, psycho-physical wellbeing, dancing in breathtaking landscapes of Basilicata's territory.

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