partecipate in LUCUS Fest 2022 as volunteer, fill and send now your application


22 - 23 - 24 JULY 2022

At First thanks for your interest in taking part in LUCUS Fest as volunteer, to help us in making fantastic the First and only One festival about avant-garde music, arts, sharing and love in Basilicata.

Thanks to take part in making magik possible: create a community and a culture based on peaceful coexistence, Brotherhood, awareness and multiculture.

LUCUS Fest Is a three days- temporary community, where music, art exhibitions, performances and shows, workshops, labs, handicraft, street and DIY markets, customs and innovation are united to enrich all the attendees and to chip in creating a better society.

Lucus fest supports the self-awareness, the sustainability, the respect for Mother Earth and for every lifeform.

It's made with happiness and cheerfulness, enjoying music, arts and dance, thanks to the Basilicata and her wonderful Land, full of breath-taking landscapes, boundless Woods scrambled in our impressive and beautiful Mountains, in One of the wildest, the most unexplored and the fullest of biodiversity areas in Italy, in Europe and maybe in the whole world: Basilicata.

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